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Curious about me?

I was born and raised in NJ.  I grew up hearing ghost stories from my parents.  I come from a family of mediums, where it was normal for my mother to say "I saw a dead person." As a child I was obsessed with all things 'hooey' - psychics, ghosts stories, communicating with spirits, hypnotism, dream symbolism, astral travel.....

It wasn't until we relocated and I started high school that I shoved all those interests to the side in an attempt to fit in.

I spent the next several years trying to do all the things - go to college, get a degree, get a good job, have a relationship, get married....all to fit in and gain friends.

Except I was miserable. 

I reached my breaking point in 2008 and essentially lost everything over the next several years. College Sweetheart? Gone. Corporate job? Gone. House? Gone.  

It took losing everything for me to embrace what was natural. The wild, the weird, and the wacky.  I rekindled my interests from childhood, stepped into my gifts, and finally found my happy.

Now I want to help you find yours too.

Wondering how I do that? 

I've got many tools in my toolbox.  I'm an internationally known psychic, medium, energy healer, yoga instructor, animal communicator, reflexologist and a NYS LMT.

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